Roland NE-1 Noise Eater Sound Isolation for V-Drums

Roland NE-1 Noise Eater Sound Isolation for V-Drums

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Although electronic drums can be super quiet during practice as you can plug in a pair of headphones, the physical action of using kick and hi-hat pedals in a multi level building can still result in unwanted noise. Roland's Noise Eater technology helps eliminate this problem by approximately 75 which leaves you free to enjoy your playing.

For maximum effectiveness, Roland recommends that Noise Eater products be used under all kick and hi-hat pedals and all legs on mesh-head kick pads and hi-hat stands in a V-Drums set.

The NE-10 Isolation Foot is a small sound isolation foot intended to be used along with the NE-10 Noise Eater. The unique rubber damper structure that provides maximum sound isolation in a very compact and efficient device. The NE-1 units should be placed under each stand leg.

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